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There are soft wares and web sites, developed by us (Mighty tech).
Among soft wares there are billing and calculating soft wares.
Mighty calculators

These are programable calculators.
Ordinarily there is no need of programing in any calculators.
But we can get many powerful features by programing it.
There are two types of calculators. 1. Mono type and 2.Poly type.
Both of them are similar in operation.

1. Mono type:

In case of mono we can see working parameters and results (without or with programing.)
If we do not program we can use the calculator as like other conventional calculators as one result per one operation.
For further calculation we may (or may not) erase the existing data and go for next operation.

2.Poly type:

In the case of poly we would get many of mono version on a single window having the same individual power like a single mono version calculator.
Normaly we like to get simple operation for each of the individual ones.
But if we want extra feature in the calculators we can program them for that purpose.

Web site development:

We develop web sites using our own plan

1.(Mighty tech) design

2.using CMS like Joomla

Out sourcing is our another practice of doing IT jobs.

Billing softwares:

There are simple solutions for billing tenants in a residential accommodations.

There are 3 different soft wares:

1. Developed in C++

2. Developed in PHP, HTML, CSS.

3. Developed in Java script, HTML, CSS.