Write your expression or formula bellow for calculation [use keyboard].
Bellow are the examples:
If you write [for example]: 123+321 you would get 444 as result.
Use mathematical operators     +    -    x(*)    ÷(/)     and get the results by using bellow.

You can put any value, expression or defined variable inside parenthesis like ( 1+x/2 ), if you use parenthesis, don't leave vacant inside.
Anything bounded by /*       */ [for example /*abcdefg*/] or followed by // [for example // jkhgfkee], has no effect. These are called comments.

Tips: Right click inside the area and undo any action.
Incorrect spelling would have indication as zig zag under line. But it would not affect calculation.
You can delete all inside the area (by using erase button).

Your Result: